1Life 1You Online Fitness Coaching & Meal Plans

1Life 1You Online Fitness Coaching & Meal Plans
You don't have to figure out how to get healthy and get in shape on your own!
Custom workouts sent directly to your phone/tablet/computer.Custom Meal Plans built for your goals.

Don't have a gym membership? No problem. This is for you.

Have a gym membership but don't know what to do?  This is for you.

Have access to equipment or space to workout, but can't hold yourself accountable? This is for you.

Problems figuring out this whole nutrition stuff? This is for you.

Sick of bouncing from one diet to the next? This is for you.

Trouble with knowing what to buy in the supermarket? This is for you.


Let's go over the fitness program first:

Custom training program built to fit your goals, abilities, access to equipment, or no equipment. An easier way to track your fitness progressAn easier way to monitor your body changes (weight, bodyfat, measurements)An easier way to track progress photosDaily check-ins wit…

Podcast Episode 10: Plan, Patience, Process

1Life 1You Podcast Episode 10: Plan, Patience, Process

A story about having, and sticking to a plan. Having patience with yourself and your progress. And trusting that what you're doing will lead you to your goals.Why we aim for long term goals rather than short term gratification.

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Podcast Episode 9: Diet, Goals, & Cheat Meals

1Life 1You Podcast Episode 9: Diet, Goals, & Cheat Meals

Topics Include:
My current diet / nutrition
Why I'm not counting calories
Why I think YOU should
Going For Goals
Not waiting for perfect situations
Diets vs Balance
& Why not to do cheat meals

You can also listen on a bunch of other podcast sites, including: iTunes Google Podcast, Breaker, Overcast, Pocket Cast, & Radio Public: Search 1Life 1 You

Day 2 | 2018 Spartan Race Super Training

Day 2 | 2018 Spartan Race Super Training
Daily Vlog of my training for the upcoming Spartan Race Super in Palmerton PA on July 14th 2018


5K Run - AM

3x15 Single Arm Row
3x15 Incline Bench Reverse Fly
3x10 Kettlebell Plank Pull Through

3 Rounds:
100ft Farmers Carry
30s Dead Hang

14 Days To Train For A Spartan Race

I signed up for a Spartan Race : Super 8-10 Miles. 24+ Obstacles. 

I have 14 Days to train for it. Will be doing a daily vlog series every step of the way leading up to July 14th.

Aldi’s Grocery Shopping Food Haul - Under $50!

Aldi’s Grocery Shopping Food Haul - Under $50!My weekly trip to Aldi's.   I go over how much I spent. what I'm eating. And how long this haul should last.  I eat a pretty "clean" diet, with a snack or 2 mixed in lol.  A couple things: 1. I'm a vegetarian 2. I'm eating about 3000 a day 

 The next post will be a FULL DAY OF EATINGLet me know what you think:  Instagram-

Protein2O : Protein Water Review

Protein2O : Protein Water Review 

I found these in Aldi's (later saw that they are in a couple different stores), and decided to buy a couple and try them out.
Being honest, I was skeptical about how these will taste. I am not a huge fan of most protein shakes. The thought of fruit flavored protein water seemed crazy!
BUT.... these were actually good!
Here's the label:
Positives No chalky, protein taste Both flavors were good Low in calories High In Protein
Negatives Slight dry after taste
Overall 8-8.5 / 10
Price: $1.99 in Aldi's
Check out the video above  for a more detailed review Instagram- Twitter-