Podcast Episode 6: Olivia Lydia - OliveForGreens

Podcast Episode 6: Olivia Lydia - OliveForGreens 

I sat and had a conversation with Olivia Lydia from
We talked health, weight loss, diet, how eating plant based changed her life, transformation, growth, being a small business, continuing to evolve, and whats in the future.

Make sure to check it out and let me know what you thing!

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Below is the video version of the conversation. YouTube search 1Life1You

Rowing Machine Benefits

Rowing Machines have been around for a long time, but, their popularity has jumped over the last couple years with Crossfit using them within some of their workouts.

It's with good reason too! A rowing machine is not just another piece of cardio equipment. You get equal parts cardio and strength building with using a rowing machine.

Full Body WorkoutBurns A Ton Of CaloriesGreat Cardio ConditioningIncrease EnduranceStrengthens Arms, Back, Legs, CoreLow Impact On Joints
Here's a quick How-To guide to using a rower, like a pro.

Sit and lock your feet into the straps. Straps go over the top of your feet.Get into "Catch" position. Catch is your starting position with each row. Knees bent until your body is close to the handle. Both hands on handle firmly. Back straight.Push off your feet, using your leg and core muscles. Extending your legs.Lean back slightly, while keeping your back straightPull handle into your lower chest. Using your arm and back mus…

1Life1You Podcast Episode 5: Funny/Weird/Embarrassing Fitness Stories

1Life1You Podcast Episode 5: Funny/Weird/Embarrassing Fitness Stories
Sharing a few fitness stories to let everyone know funny/weird/embarrassing things happens to us all. Plus, a few bits of health news stories that I came across.
& a quick talk about having confidence in sharing your story/passion/skills/love with the world.

Check it out! Let me hear some feedback.

Food Review: Beyond Meat - 20g Protein Beyond Burger

Beyond Meat - 20g Protein Beyond Burger
Stats Price: $5.99 for 2 PattiesWhere does it get its protein from: Pea Protein IsolateCalories: 290 Calories per BurgerMacros: 22g Fat 6g Carbs 20g Protein
Looks like a burgerCooks like a burger. Taste Good - Probably the best store brand burger I've had so far.20g of Protein!Soy FreeNo GMOs
Initial Smell Was BAD!\A Lot of Oil.
Overall Rating
7.5 / 10Though it ended up being really good, the initial smell turned me off, and the amount of oil that came from it while cooking was a bit much. But, if you're looking for a vegan burger replacement, I haven't had any, store brought, better.

Body Fat Questions Answered

1. What is Body Fat Percentage?
The percent of fat you carry on your body.
The total amount of fat divided by total body mass, times 100. Includes the essential fat you need to survive

2. What is the percentage of essential fat?
Men: 2-5%. Women: 10-13%.

3. What is a healthy body fat percentage for me?
Depends on your age. Most men should aim for a percentage in the teens to the low 20s. While women should aim for the 20s to low 30s

4. How do I measure my body fat?
There's a few ways to measure your body fat. Some are more expensive than others though.

Body Fat Caliber: a cheap method, but measurements can be inaccurate.

Electric Reader: another cheap, diy method. Can be a handheld reader or a bf scale. Also not super accurate. With hydration levels causing inaccurate reads.

Dexa Scan: among the most accurate and also the most expensive. Done in a lap using a body scanner. Cost about $250 each time.

Hydrostatic Weighing: also expensive, and highly accurate. Involves being submerged in wa…

Podcast Episode 4: Nutrition & Diet

1 Life 1 You Podcast  Episode 4: Diets & Nutrition
Talking diet and nutrition. What works. What doesn't. What I recommend doing when trying to lose (or gain) weight.

What do I think about fad diets. Weight loss supplements. Weight loss gimmicks, like wraps & teas.

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