Aldi’s Grocery Shopping Food Haul - Under $50!

Aldi’s Grocery Shopping Food Haul - Under $50!My weekly trip to Aldi's.   I go over how much I spent. what I'm eating. And how long this haul should last.  I eat a pretty "clean" diet, with a snack or 2 mixed in lol.  A couple things: 1. I'm a vegetarian 2. I'm eating about 3000 a day 

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Protein2O : Protein Water Review

Protein2O : Protein Water Review 

I found these in Aldi's (later saw that they are in a couple different stores), and decided to buy a couple and try them out.
Being honest, I was skeptical about how these will taste. I am not a huge fan of most protein shakes. The thought of fruit flavored protein water seemed crazy!
BUT.... these were actually good!
Here's the label:
Positives No chalky, protein taste Both flavors were good Low in calories High In Protein
Negatives Slight dry after taste
Overall 8-8.5 / 10
Price: $1.99 in Aldi's
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5 Tips To Breakthrough Your Weight Loss Plateau

 5 Tips To Breakthrough Your Weight Loss Plateau 

1. Make sure you are actually in a weight loss plateau! Do not just rely on the number on the scale. 2. Monitor ALL food & liquid intake. I always tell people to track your food / calories / macros. Do it for a couple weeks to see exactly the amount of food you should be eating
3. Change up your fitness routine. Take a class. Increase weights/reps. Change up how you're running
4. More water/ Check stress / More Sleep Slacking on any of these three can slow down your metabolism, and in turn stall your progress.
5. Do MORE work If everything else is checked off, then you may need to do more work. Add an extra day to your training. Workout a little longer. Increase your intensity.
BONUS Patience. Patience. Patience! Give yourself time. You should be in this for the long haul. Constant changing of diets and fitness routines will only stall your weight loss. 

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Day In The Life / Full Day of Vegetarian Eating / Fitness

Day In The Life
Sunday, March 18 2018

Taking you guys with me through a, semi, normal day for me.

Morning training in the studioEating as a vegetarian.Doing a food shopping trip. With stops in Aldi's & ShopriteOutdoor track workout at Edison High School TrackShaving my beard. #WinterIsOver lolOh, and more food, ice cream, and binge watching Harry Potter I'll try to provide these types of videos a couple times a month.

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A Couple Thoughts On Diets


1. Before you get your fitness in order, have your eating habits down. Focus on real, whole, foods. My advice has been, the less ingredients on the label, the better. And even better is to aim for foods with NO labels.

2. Don’t fear carbs. Or fats. Or any particular food. Losing weight is mostly about calories in versus calories burned. You can go NO CARBS and still gain weight. Just like someone can eat a ton of carbs and lose weight. CALORIES! Every diet is just a manipulation of calories. The overly simple thought is:
To Lose Weight: Eat a little less, and move your body more
To Gain Weight: Eat a little more, and continue to move your body

3. Stop being so Protein obsessed. Everything is labeled with “high protein”. With those, see point 1. Less labels. More real food. You’ll get your protein in naturally. Don’t worry about it. You are not going to fade away if you don't eat that protein bar right after a workout.

4. Have patience with yoursel…

Exercising While Pregnant


Second (and really why you're here), yes you can exercise during your pregnancy.

Make sure you check with your doctor about working out while you are pregnant. As long as there are no complications, you will be able to continue your workouts.
It is recommended that you keep your normal fitness routine for as long as you feel comfortable.

If you are a runner, you can continue to run. Probably with an altered training plan. Same goes for strength training. Don't look to max out your lifts. But, keeping up with a moderate strength plan is completely attainable.

There are studies that more active women are less likely to experience problems in later pregnancy and labor.

Doing exercises that help strengthen your core can help with possible back pain in your later stages of pregnancy.

Continuing a fitness routine will help lessen that weight gain. Some studies have it at about 7-8lbs less than those that don't workout.

Podcast Episode 8: Sitdown W/ Basiyr - 90lb Weightloss

1 Life 1 You Podcast Episode 8: Talk with Basiyr
Topics include:  how a doctor's visit forced him to change. losing almost 90 pounds. trying different diets motivation & tips for those looking to start their own journey 
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