6 Pack Goals! 5 Moves To Target Your Core

Abs are made in the kitchen. If you want them to be seen, you have to eat properly, drink a ton a water, and train them! Strengthen your core muscles with this combo of body weight and weighted core exercises.


Take hold of a chin up bar/handles and allow your body to hang perpendicular to the floor. This will be your starting position.To initiate the movement, exhale and elevate your knees in front of your body by contracting your abdominal muscles until they create a 90 degree angle with your torsoAfter a brief pause, inhale and return your legs back along the same path into the starting position. Tip: This movement should be slow and controlled so that you do not swing.

Lay down flat on your back. Have your knees bent to create a 90 degree angle with your feet planted on the floor. Take hold of a weight plate and keep it close to your chest. Tip: For this movement you may either need a partner to hold your feet down or gently place addition…

5 Minute Deep Squat Challenge

There are a ton of benefits to preforming squats on a daily basis. Including: Building strength in your legs and core, improves flexibility, helps with balance, can help with digestion, and much more!
But why aim to just hold a (deep) squat? In these times, people, in general, sit for LONG periods of time. Desk jobs for 7-9 hours. Sitting at home, binge watching Netflix. As we age, we lose the importance of human movement. And holding a deep squat for a few minutes a day can help bring that back.
Benefits include: Regaining flexibility in your legs & hips. Gaining more mobility in your knees & ankles. And helping to prevent lower back pain.
There are a plenty of countries, where people sit in a deep squat for comfort.  How to: *If you struggle with lower body mobility, find something to hold onto (chair, couch, etc.)* Feet a little wider than shoulder width apartAs you squat, body weight should be even on your feet (focus on being on your heels)You don’t want your knees …

4 Ways To Beat The Thanksgiving Weight Gain

Did you have extra pie, because it was Thanksgiving? Did your Thanksgiving last all weekend long? Did the start of Holiday shopping mean grabbing any mall food that was around? Did walking the mall count as all your cardio this weekend? Did you convince yourself that the gym was closed for the weekend?
If you’re guilty of any (or ALL!) of these, follow some of these tips to help you get back on track...
1. DRINK WATER I know being around friends and family can involve (or lead to) having a couple alcoholic drinks. And being out shopping means buying coffee with extra sugar. Drinking water does a couple things to help. Helps flush your system. Helps with bloating. And hydrates your body. Aim to drink more than normal for a couple days.
2. GO WORKOUT Going in for seconds or thirds. Having an extra slice of dessert. It all adds up pretty fast. And while shopping does burn calories, you’re not going to break even. So, go hit the gym. Get back into your normal routine. And ma…


What is TRX? TRX stands for Total Body Resistance Exercise. It's a type of training that uses your own body weight and gravity as resistance. The TRX was originally designed by a Navy Seal who needed to stay in shape with little space, using something he could easily take with him. It’s why it’s a simple 2 strap tool.

5 Benefits Of TRX Training
1. Great for ALL Fitness Levels. From beginners to more advance, anyone can use a TRX strap. And the difficulty level can be adjusted just by positioning your body a different way.
2. Minimal Equipment. All it is is 1 (or 2) straps. Your body is the resistance. The straps are just the tools. Use it at the gym, home, park, and toss it in your bag when you travel to guarantee a great workout
3. Full Body Strength. From Calves to Shoulders, you can workout and strengthen your whole body with a TRX strap.
4. Great For Cardio / Conditioning. Since you’re working many muscle groups within each exercise, the more reps/time you’re doi…

Pre Thanksgiving Meal Prep

With a short week before Thanksgiving, I wanted to make sure I eat good, healthy food before Thursday came. So, I spent just about 2 hours in the kitchen meal prepping a bunch of food for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. 
The Prep List Looks Like This:
4 Boca Veggie Burgers (2 Bowls) 4 Cups Brown Rice (2 Bowls) 1 Large Sweet Potato  2 Cups Broccoli 2 Cups Chopped Asparagus 3 Aldi’s Brand Chopped Black Bean Burgers w/ 1 Cup Black Beans & 1 Cup Spinach (Split into 2 Bowls) 1 Cups of Beyond Meat Chicken Strips w/ 2 Cups Spinach 1 Spaghetti Squash (Split into 3 Bowls) 9 Gardein Branded “Meat” Balls in Tomato Basil Sauce (3 for each of the squash bowls) 1 Container of Plain Greek Yogurt & Blueberries.

3 jars of Overnight Oats: 2x 3/4 cups of Oatmeal. 1/4 cup Blueberries. 1/3 cup Protein Mix. 1/3 banana. 1 tbsp Chia Seeds. 3/4 cups Almond Milk. 1 tbsp Maple Syrup.
1x 3/4 cups of Oatmeal. 1/3 cup Protein Mix. 1 tbsp Chia Seeds. 2 tbsp Powdered Chocolate Peanut Butter. 3/4 cups Almond Milk. 1 tbsp M…

VLOG 1 - Day of Training. 1 Life 1 You


I decided to dive back into the YOUTUBE world. The video is a reintroduction, super quick look at the training studio, a days training, & what's planned for future videos.
Workout Programming For The Day:
STRENGTH 3x8 Deadlifts 3x8 Front Squats 3x12 Seated Dumbbell Arnold Press 3x10 Landmine Press 3x10 Landmine Row
CORE - 1x 60s Each: X Situps Leg Raises Triple Crunch Press Ups Ab Wheel
CONDITIONING - E.M.O.M for 20 Minutes: Min 1: 10x Dumbbell Thrusters Min 2: 10x Burpees Min 3: 10x Lunges Min 4: 50x Jumprope Min 5: Rest

*Next video will be about my trip to The Reading Terminal*


This list was created and tweaked with every Clean Eating Accountability Group I ran. Nothing here is set in stone. If you see that something shouldn't be on this list, let me hear it. Also, if something is missing from this list, let me know!

ALL OF THEM (Try To Buy Organic)

ALL OF THEM (Try To Buy Organic)

For fruits & veggies, the simple rule I follow is, Fresh, then Frozen, then Canned

Whole Wheat/Grain
Whole Grain/ Wheat/ Spinach Wraps

Organic Cow Milk

Cottage Cheese (Whole, Not "Fat-Free")
Greek Yogurt (Aim for plain. Don't buy the "fruit included" ones)
Parmesan Cheese (Real Cheese, Not The Stuff The Sits On A Shelf For Months)
Feta Cheese

Chicken (Try To Get Boneless & Skinless)
Ground Chicken
Ground Turkey (Get As Lean As You Can Find. 99/1 Is Best)
Ground Beef (Leaner Is Better)
Steak (Lean!)