What Is Your Why

"Clarify your purpose. What is the WHY behind everything you do? When we know this in life or design, it is very empowering and the path is clear." - Jack Canfield

"How do people wake up before the sun and go out running?"
"How do people go to the gym right after work?"
"Why aren't you having a drink with us?"
"Why are you always eating out of plastic containers?"

The overall answer to these questions is the same; all these people have a defined "WHY".

Why wake up early to run? Because before dawn may be the only time they have to train for an upcoming race.

Why go from work, right to the gym? Because they really want to get a workout in, and they know going home will be their excuse not to go back out.

Why aren't you drinking with us? Why are you always eating from your bowls? Because they know eating (and drinking) the right stuff is the determining factor in whether or not they see results.

These are just a couple examples of why people do what they do to see the results they want, and get to their goals. Everyone can go to the gym for a couple days, have some motivation, maybe even eat a little healthier. But, what happens a week later? 2 weeks later? What happens when that original motivation is lost? What do you have to fall back on? 

That's why I always ask, from my first meeting with people, WHY are you here? WHY do you want to workout? WHY now?

Not everyone has an answer right away. That's ok! The answer may not always be there at the start. Even if you have a WHY, your WHY may change in a month or a year. 

You want to lose weight? Why?
To fit back into your old clothes. Why?
To have more confidence in your body. THATS YOUR WHY! You do it day in and day out to boost your confidence and self esteem. 

Maybe you WHY is your family. Or spouse. Or it's an event (wedding, vacation, race). 

You need something that drives you for the days you aren't motivated. Something or someone to get up and get moving for on the days you aren't up to it.

It's more than just losing or gaining weight. Fitness is deeper than that. Find your WHY and set a plan to follow through.

"When You WHY Is Big Enough, You Will Find Your HOW."