8 Week Strength & Conditioning Program

8 Week Strength and Conditioning Program (New PBs All Around)

Over the last 8 weeks a few volunteers and myself took on and completed an 8 week fitness program with a focus on building strength and bettering our conditioning. 

And the results were pretty amazing! 

Personal best on the main Big Lifts (Back Squat, Deadlift, Bench Press, Overhead Press) were hit. Old 1 rep maxes were crushed! Ranging from adding 10lb to these lifts, to 45-50lb to these lifts! 

That's the strength part. The conditioning involved timed or 'for rounds' circuit style training. Not just doing a circuit and moving on, but we retested these circuits after a couple weeks, and that's where you see everyone's fitness get better.

More rounds were done in the same time frame. Workouts were completed much fast. And overall, more work was done. 

8 Weeks. Everyone became stronger & also moved better than they have before. That was the goal, and that is what was accomplished! 

Here's the Full Program, from week 1 to 8. 

***Each week there are 3 days of programming, with a 4th day of doing anything "active" for 30-60 minutes. Added forms of cardio are suggested throughout the program

***Make sure to spend 5-10 minutes warming up (body weight exercises or walking/running) & stretching. Particularly stretching the muscle groups you will be using each session

Here's the program (broken down into days, reps, sets, time, and rounds):

More will be updated soon!