All vegetables are great for you. You should be feeding yourself at least one serving of veggies with every meals.
When it comes to building muscle and strength though, vegetables don't always come to mind. It's usually all about protein & carbs! 

But, don't sell vegetables short on helping you increase strength and muscle. This list of vegetables are loaded with a variety of reasons to why they help you body repair, grow, and maintain muscle. 

Two things spinach has that helps you with strength and muscle building are IRON & MAGNESIUM. Iron (in the gym & the mineral) is important for helping to build muscle. And magnesium helps with muscle development and energy. Why do you think Popeye loved the stuff so much!!

While these are higher up on the carbohydrate count, these are great for sustained energy, helping you recover from your workouts better. They are also a good source of FIBER & VITAMIN A. The fiber keeps you fuller, longer. And the vitamin A helps with protein intake.

Doesn't matter which ones; green, red, yellow all have super high amounts of VITAMIN C. Helping to burn fat & turn the carbs you eat into energy. Also helping in muscle growth and recovery.

Super low calorie, and super high in CALCIUM. Calcium is need for maintaining strong bones and it's needed for muscles to move. Having a higher intake of calcium help prevent injury during workouts. Milk also has high amounts of calcium, but Kale is more nutritious and lower in calories.


More vitamins and minerals than almost any other vegetable! High in CALCIUM (like Kale) & VITAMIN D. Eating broccoli helps with bone strength, proper muscle movement. High in VITAMIN K, preventing joint inflammation. Per calorie, Broccoli has more protein than beef w/ 4.5g of protein for every 30 calories. 

We'll continue with part 2 soon....

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