Superhero Training: Treadmill Interval Workout

*This workout is for intermediate to advanced runners*

If you're getting bored with running at the same speed for 30-60 minutes every time you hop on the treadmill, try this timed interval workout out. 

You'll burn a ton of calories in a shorter time frame than running at a steady pace. You'll work on getting faster and building speed. And you'll definitely get a great sweat (please wipe the treadmill down afterwards)! 

How to read the workout:

The 1st column is the minute intervals. The second column is the speed the treadmill should be on for that set amount of time. 
*Note: I did not add any incline to this workout, but you are more than welcomed too!* 

The workout is for 20 Minutes. I recommend walking at a slow pace for a couple minutes afterward. 

Get a decent warmup & stretch beforehand, and stretch out afterwards.

Try it out and let me know what you think!