The Spartan Race is an obstacle course race/event meant to challenge any and all fitness levels. Ranging from 3 miles to 10+ miles, and 18 obstacles to 30+ obstacles. You need to be well rounded in fitness and your own training to get to the finish line. Here's 4 things you should be working on regularly if a Spartan Race is in your future.

Spartan Races range from 3 miles to 13miles, depending on which race you’re choosing to join. So, first thought should be to be able to walk/jog/run at least the distance of your race. Getting out (or on the treadmill) for 1-3 runs a week. Aim for a mixture of short distance, speed focused, runs, longer distance (race distance) runs, and some hill or incline runs.

Grip Strength
Monkey Bars. Multi-Rigs (bars/Olympic ring swings). Rope Climbs. Jug/Bucket Carry. These all require a contain amount of grip strength to get through them without having to do Burpees. Doing Deadlifts, Bent Row, Farmers Carry, Pullups, & Inverted Rows all help with grip strength.

Core Strength
Not taking about doing a billion crunches. You need full core strength to get through a Spartan Race. Your core plays an important part in completing Bucket Carries, Barbwire/Rope Crawls, & Climbing up/down the hills/stairs. Strengthening not just your abs, but also your lower back muscles is very important. Doing Plank variations, Superman Holds, Hollow Holds all help your core.

You need quick, explosive movements to get through obstacles like Box Jumps, Climbing Over Walls, & getting up Hills. It’s why working on powering your legs come into play. Doing moves like Box Jumps, Heavy Back/Front Squats, Squat Jumps, & Pylo Pushups all help with explosiveness.

Go to the Spartan Race website, and check for a race near you and start training!