VLOG 1 - Day of Training. 1 Life 1 You


I decided to dive back into the YOUTUBE world. The video is a reintroduction, super quick look at the training studio, a days training, & what's planned for future videos.

Workout Programming For The Day:

3x8 Deadlifts
3x8 Front Squats
3x12 Seated Dumbbell Arnold Press
3x10 Landmine Press
3x10 Landmine Row

CORE - 1x 60s Each:
X Situps
Leg Raises
Triple Crunch
Press Ups
Ab Wheel

CONDITIONING - E.M.O.M for 20 Minutes:
Min 1: 10x Dumbbell Thrusters
Min 2: 10x Burpees
Min 3: 10x Lunges
Min 4: 50x Jumprope
Min 5: Rest

*Next video will be about my trip to The Reading Terminal*