5 Minute Deep Squat Challenge

There are a ton of benefits to preforming squats on a daily basis. Including: Building strength in your legs and core, improves flexibility, helps with balance, can help with digestion, and much more!

But why aim to just hold a (deep) squat? In these times, people, in general, sit for LONG periods of time. Desk jobs for 7-9 hours. Sitting at home, binge watching Netflix. As we age, we lose the importance of human movement. And holding a deep squat for a few minutes a day can help bring that back.

Benefits include:
Regaining flexibility in your legs & hips.
Gaining more mobility in your knees & ankles.
And helping to prevent lower back pain.

There are a plenty of countries, where people sit in a deep squat for comfort. 
How to:
*If you struggle with lower body mobility, find something to hold onto (chair, couch, etc.)*
  1. Feet a little wider than shoulder width apart
  2. As you squat, body weight should be even on your feet (focus on being on your heels)
  3. You don’t want your knees going out too far. Or your back arching.
  4. Keep back straight
  5. Focus on just dropping your butt straight down
  6. You want your hips and butt to go as far below your knees as you can (you’ll go deeper with practice)
  7. Hold the position for a predetermined amount of time

When I tried it for the first time, I went into the hold for 60s with a 10s rest. And did that 5 times.

My first couple of squat were not deep at all. But, by the end, I felt like I’ve gotten pretty low.

And here is me continuing to do this daily.
Give it a try. Maybe start by doing 5-10 minutes a day. For best results, do it daily, and build the habit. It’s worth it!