Tools To Help Conquer Fitness Goals

With 2018 coming, a large amount of people usually have some type of New Years Resolution goal involving health & fitness. While you still have to do the work, having great tools in your utility belt can always help your reach your goals.

Tools To Help Reach Your Goals:

Food Diary App
MyFitnessPal or other apps like that are great with keeping track of your food intake. If losing weight or gaining weight is a goal of yours, you HAVE to know how much food you’re consuming day to day. Knowing exactly what (& how much) you’re eating daily can put you on the right path of reaching your goal.

Find Your TDEE
Total Daily Energy Expenditure is a measure of how many calories your body burns a day. This number is an estimate, but it is a pretty good starting place. Finding this out, then dropping the calories can help you hit those weight loss goals, just like increasing that calories number can help you put on size and weight. This website is a great place to find out your TDEE.

Check out this TDEE Calculator Website. Super Simple To Use

Food Scale
I always recommend keeping a diary of food intake for a couple weeks for you to see if you’re eating enough (or too much) for your goals. But, we need to do more that guesstimate. Getting a food scale takes a ton of the guessing out of what you’re eating. Plus, a basic one is super cheap. Measuring out meats, veggies, carbs, and everything is easy to do. Just need to take the time to do it.

Amazon has good food scales for $10-$15

Weight Scale
I’m not big on having a weight number be your number one goal. But, I know it’s a BIG thing for a lot of people. So, if you want to lose weight (or gain) in the new year, you have to: 1) know where you’re starting & 2) be able to consistently track your progress.
A tip I give people who have weight goals, is to weigh themselves on the same day each week, and at the same time of the day. Weight fluctuates at different times of the day, with your weight moving in one direction or the other 3, 4, 5 pounds at a time. 

Should be able to find a decent scale for under $20

Fitness Tracker
Use the technology you have available. And fit trackers (like the fitbit or apple watch) can be a HUGE help. I currently have the Fitbit Charge 2. It does everything you can want/need it to do. Monitors heart rate, tracks calories burned, monitors your sleep habits. Tracks workouts (running, lifting weights), food intake, water intake. 
It even offers up personal (and group) challenges. Like getting to a step goal for the day, or a calories burned goal. Or setting it to remind you to get up and move.

Fitbit Charge 2

A Good Pair Of Sneakers
Finding a good pair of workout sneakers can help your fitness routine a lot! If running is a goal, find a quality pair of running shows will help. Some stores can even fit you for a shoe that’ll fit your foot properly. 
If weight lifting is going to be a big focus of yours, finding specific weight lifting shoes will definitely be a benefit.

If you want to have a mixed up routine and do a little of everything, finding a quality pair of cross training is the way to go. 

Remember, have patience with yourself. The best goals do not get completed in a day. 

"Small Steps Still Move You Forward." 

1 Life. 1 You.