Meal Prep Ideas Under 400 Calories

When time allows I offer meal prep service to those in need. Nothing incredibly fancy. Just sticking to the basics and making sure the food is healthy.

This order asked for 5 meals. With 3 being the same and 2 others being different. Each one is under 400 calories and the whole thing took less than 60 minutes to finish.

How I did it
  • I started with the sweet potatoes because they take the longest to cook. Oven at 385. I diced the SP and drizzled olive oil, sea salt, & cinnamon on them. Tossed in the oven for 20 minutes
  • I used the electric skillet for the protein choices. First I did the ground turkey. I weighed out 4oz chunks then separated them in half. Used Mrs Dash’s Original Seasoning on them. Cooked on the skillet till each side is brown.

  • While they were cooking, I washed and diced up the asparagus, and put them on a pan with olive oil spray. Tossing them around every few minutes. 
  • Also, I started boiling water for the broccoli.
  • Ground Turkey and Asparagus was done around the same time. I bowled them both.

  • Took out the sweet potatoes, mixed them up, then put them back in the oven for 20 more minutes
  • Clean the skillet. Measured, cut, and seasoned the chicken same as the turkey. 

  • Toss the broccoli into the boiling water.
  • Boiled more water for the pasta & rice.
  • Measure out 2oz of pasta, and 1 cup of rice (makes 2 cooked), and tossed in water
  • Flipped the chicken after about 12-14 minutes.
  • Sweet potatoes were done. Took them out and separated them into their bowls.
  • Broccoli done. Separated them too.
  • Chicken, Rice, and Pasta all done.
  • Chopped one serving of chicken and tossed into the pasta with the sauce. Letting cook for a couple minutes

  • Other serving of chicken I layered with bbq sauce
  • Layered a bowl with spinach before putting pasta over it.
  • Clean and Done!

Here’s the breakdown:

3 Meals (Calorie Estimate: 300-350 Each)
4oz Lean Ground Turkey (93/7)
1 Cup Sweet Potatoes
1 Cup Chopped Asparagus

1 Meal (Calorie Estimate: 290-320)
4oz BBQ Chicken
1 Cup Broccoli
1 Cup Brown Rice

1 Meal (Calorie Estimate: 360-380)
4oz Diced Chicken
2oz Whole Wheat Pasta w/ Sauce
1 Cup Dry Spinach

 Also, everything was purchased from Aldi supermarket!

Want more info about these particular meal preps or interested in the service, email me HERE or message me on Facebook HERE